Best Residential Solar Rooftop Service Provider in Coimbatore

Environ Solar Energy is one of the top residential solar rooftop service provider company based in Coimbatore. From Site Visit, Design to Installation & Maintainance of Solar Panels, we have experienced team of experts to do all this quickly with 0 errors.

A home solar system must provide enough electric energy to fulfil all the power requirements of a home. To keep this purpose in mind, Ksquare provides end to end solar rooftop solutions for home and other residential applications. Here, you can save and earn from your idle rooftop space.

Our expert team comes for the site visit and designs the installation. Then actual installation doesn’t take much time and can be completed within a few days. We take care of the government permission, subsidy and related documentation. We make the entire process very quick and fairly simple.

Environ Solar is a leading solar energy solutions provider for residential applications. Our vast experience has made Environ Solar a leading choice to go solar for the solar rooftop. Environ Solar has the expertise to install solar panels on the rooftop on a bungalow or tenement. Our solution gives an optimum performance which is also very good measured at 25 years, which concludes as electricity for less and results in a happy household.


Why Environ Solar Energy for Residential Projects?

  • In-house manufacturing of solar products
  • Wide experience of 10+ years
  • On site service and technical support
  • End to end solution right from documentation to installation
  • Sourcing of quality products from branded suppliers
  • Highly experienced technical and liaisoning team

What kind of appliances can I use on Solar Power?

Your entire home’s appliances, including the microwave, refrigerator, and air conditioners, can function on solar power. Because solar inverters use grid reference voltage, there won’t be any fluctuations in the electricity you use from solar and the grid, making it impossible to tell the difference between the two. Additionally, solar power plants can run businesses including offices, factories, railroad stops, and more.

Environ Solar - Solar Solution for Houses

Higher savings

Take control of the growing cost of energy by making a one-time rooftop solar investment.

Net-zero home

Utilize long-lasting, high-impact solar products for your home to lower your carbon footprint.

Wear the green badge

Motivate those around you by incorporating solar energy into your lifestyle.

How much does a solar panel installation cost?

Solar power plant’s price will vary depending on its type, capacity, design, and desired height. Our sales team will offer options that are most suited to your needs and budget because every solar panel is unique.

Our Process

Solar System Solutions for Residential Home
Now, pay less for energy.

Environ Solar offers the complete range of home solar systems to suit your different needs. Install a solar system in your home, so you start saving right away.

Cut out the power cuts. For good.

Power cuts are a part of your life, and you have to schedule everything around the possibility of a power outage. With solar energy, there are no more power cuts. The sun is always shining. And when it is not, alternate back-ups are available.

Are you paying a high price for comfort?

Hot water is a basic necessity, which unfortunately can be expensive if availed through traditional water heating methods. Turn to the power of the sun for your residential or commercial water requirements and benefit from instant hot water all year long, at practically no cost.

Switch to solar, and then switch on.

Going solar is really simple. In a few steps you can go from high electricity bills to a more economical, economical, ecological way of living with our fully equipped residential solar systems for your homes.