How solar panels empower hospitals?

The burning of fossil fuel is not only a challenge to the sustainable living but has also led to the degradation of the environment that was once clean, green & pure. To counter the ongoing devastations, converting solar energy into electrical energy has been a god sent. Solar power has been on a rise in India since 2009. It has been vital for institutional usage because of its immense sustainability & suitability in high-powered setups. Usage of solar panels in hospitals has been greatly recommended because of:

1) 24×7 operating medical equipment & continuous use of electricity
2) Large unused rooftop spaces
3) Going Green

4) Low cost of maintenance

Benefits of Solar in Hospitals

Solar panels in hospitals can reduce electricity spending substantially since the industry heavily relies on high-powered machinery such as ventilators, CT scanners, etc. Alongside, it consumes substantial electricity for other purposes on an uninterrupted basis, leading to inflated electricity bills and overall expenditure. Since the healthcare industry is witnessing considerable growth year-on-year and is expected to expand further in the coming years, solar energy can be beneficial in offering financial and operational efficiency. With environmental benefits like mitigating climate change, reducing air pollution & cutting down the use of non-renewable sources, it bears many economic benefits that can’t be ignored. 


1. Reduced power bills

Sky-rocketing electricity bills can be under-control once the installed solar panels in hospitals become operational. Solar panels ensure 20+ years of durability and require very little maintenance. The Union Ministry of New & Renewable Energy provides a substantial subsidy of 15% of the benchmark cost to institutional rooftop solar projects.

2. Affordable change & good returns

Net metering for rooftop solar panels has allowed businesses to minimize energy loss and yield credit for the extra energy that they add to the grid, in case of unutilized units generated during the day. The additional energy produced can be taken care of in future usage, thus making the consumption of net units from the grid zero or sometimes lesser than actual utilization. The return on investment can range from 30-40% with a payback of as less as 3 years.

3. Reliable – Solar panels provide 25+ years of a long life with very little maintenance needed.

4. Convenient installation

No exclusive or independent space is required for the installation of solar panels in hospitals. Hospitals have large & flat rooftops where rooftop solar panels can be installed without much hassle. Rooftop solar panels  call for an easy and economical installation with an additional battery that acts as a storage for power that can be used during hours of need.

5. Being a role model

Hospitals are life-saving institutions that stand as an aid to those seeking health facilities. The installation of solar panels is a way to be a role model and leave an impact on society. It can influence a large number of people to adapt to solar transformation while contributing to reducing large-scale emissions of greenhouse gases.

6. Tax Savings – Enjoy the benefit of reduced taxable income under Accelerated depreciation or Tax holiday for solar installation.

Fossil-generated energy has been a great source of quick & instant energy, but a greater risk for plants & humankind. India ranks fifth place for being the most polluted country in the world.

Carbon dioxide emissions are the root of many potent disasters that have reduced the longevity of living organisms. Healthcare being a large-scale industry has the choice to reconstruct its functioning and embrace solar panels for a viable footprint. To find the perfect solution,

 TrueSun offers expert consultation to identify the area, cost & type of solar panels required in hospitals while providing durable rooftop solar panels installed that can ensure a major & long-term payback in the healthcare industry.

 To know more about the role of solar in hospitals and to get one installed for yourself, contact us today.

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