Covid makes Rooftop Solar more important for hospitals

As COVID-19 pandemic affects the whole world, the burden on hospital and health worker has been increased a lot from last year (2020), and hence electricity consumption has escalated. Hospital plays very important role in the growth of non-conventional energy sources. As solar is getting cheaper, and is economical for everyone today due to Government policies and decreased in prices, installing solar on roof is viable for everyone.

Hospitals are higher consumers now a day, as they require energy to treat their patients. Solar Energy is always a better alternative for Hospitals as it can show drastic changes in electricity bill, apart from this it has many benefits like its environment benefits and economic benefit, Solar has life of 25 years and minimalistic maintenance is requiring like only cleaning of panels once in 2 weeks.

As conventional energy sources like coal, oil and gas are depleting day by day and India is dependent on other countries for this sources, so it is now essential to switch to other source like solar which will generate energy and fulfil the energy needs of the consumer. Usage of solar in hospital roof is recommended because of following reasons:

  1. Availability of electricity during sunshine hours.
  2. Excess energy generated energy will be sent to grid through net metering process which will allow to build credit that may pay out at the end of the year.
    Here Utility Grid acts as battery storage when solar is not generating in night time electricity can be taken from grid as well.
  3. Large unused are of rooftop spaces.
  4. Payback period in less than 5 years, after that free electricity for next 20 years.

Solar system will improve efficiency of Hospital as they will save cost and keep the energy usage same to treat the patient. Hospitals have large number of heavy devices like CT scanner, ventilators, Operation theatre devices that require continuous supply of electricity, solar can increase financial and operational efficiencies.

Healthcare, as a large-scale enterprise, has the option to restructure its operations and adopt solar panels in order to maintain a profitable footprint. To find the perfect solution, True Sun offers expert consultation to identify the area, cost & type of solar panels required in hospitals, while providing durable rooftop solar panels installed that can ensure a major & long term payback in the healthcare industry


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