Commercial Solar power in Coimbatore

Environ Solar Commercial solar power in Coimbatore are clean energy experts and can create a custom energy system that delivers results whether your company wants to save money, protect the environment, or use more affordable, clean energy in the long run.

  • Create and save free, clean energy
  • Up to 100% savings on electricity costs.
  • Protect Your Company from electricity shortages
  • Visibly boost your green initiatives and enhance corporate reputation

Higher Returns made simpler with solar

Our commercial rooftop solar system frequently reduces electricity expenses by up to 90% because to its outstanding performance.

Our smooth solar services after installation assist you in lowering maintenance costs.

We assist you in maximizing solar and addressing the growing demand for environmentally friendly commercial structures.


Hospitals work continuously around the clock and electricity becomes the most important part as it runs many types of equipment for the treatment. They have requirement of constant supply of power to save lives. Instead of a wise deployment of money, hospitals spend huge money on expensive diesel generators which are inefficient to prevent the power cuts.

Investing on the solar solutions is a great way which returns quickly to making savings more efficiently on the operational improvements. Some of the facilities at hospitals run 24×7 with life-saving equipments, air conditioning and other appliances that reaches utility bill to peak. Choosing solar as the prime source for power generation can improve the hospitals positive environment with zero emission and eco-friendly.

The hospitals that are located in rural cannot rely on the erratic power supply. The compelling way is to invest on the solar solutions which can assure you of endless power. This is an advantage for hospitals located in both rural and urban which can utilize the unused rooftops for solar power plant and the solar energy can be stored in the battery

Advantages of Solar Powered Plant for hospitals

 Solar power is a reliable source of power
 It is cost effective
 Requires least maintenance
 Constant deliver of power even during load shedding
 Creates a pollution free Environment



Environ has been a trusted installer of solar power for poultry farms. It has been a beneficial project that has got trust on Environ and satisfaction to the clients. The poultry farms basically located in villages faces lot of power related problems and sometimes has no access for electricity.

Environ has initiated the installation of solar energy to poultry farms with the vision of helping the people in saving the electricity expenses and utilizing the money for improvement of the farms. Environ green Tech Village is a concept of a complete sustainable business model incorporating various schemes.