Budget 2021 lays clear path for Energy Transition, Domestic Manufacturing & Green Fuel for India

  1. Expect increase in cost of rooftop solar plant if not using Indian inverter by 2-3% as custom duty on inverter increases to 20% from 5%.


  2. Great news for made in India Solar Lanterns – custom duty increases to 15% as compared to 5%


  3. Centre promises “Power for all” and to achieve DISCOMs have a important role to play. 3 lakh crores over 5 year period is committed for financially ailing utilities – The major features of the scheme include prepaid smart metering, feeder separation and up-gradation system.


  4. SECI gets a grant of 1000 crores i.e. approx. 300 MW projects and Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) gets 1500 i.e 500 MW of projects for the growth of solar Energy sector


  5. India joins the race!! Emphasis on green Hydrogen i.e one generated from RE sources. An ambitious project to bring a green, and efficient energy technology into India.


  6. Ujjwala Scheme is strengthened-an additional 100 districts will be added for city gas distribution in the next 3 years. An independent gas transport system operator will be established in this regard. Further Ujjwala Scheme will be extended to cover 1 crore more beneficiaries.

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