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Get A Free Solar Installation Estimate

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of Solar Expertise serving numerous industries, acress India pioneering the Indian Solar Revolution

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Providing clean solar energy for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes

1234 SQ.M

Solar installations, equivalent to 27MWh saving 61500+ tonsco2 emission

1.1M Tons

of firewood saved equivalent to saving of 553 Hectare of forest area

Products we offer

Solar Street Light

Requires much less maintenance

Solar Water Heater

One-time investment

Solar Power Panels

Moving towards green energy

Solar Inverter Battery

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Best solar power dealer in coimbatore

We are an Energy Solution Provider with over three decades of experience in the majority of verticals of the power generation spectrum. It is past time for humanity to stop relying on nonrenewable energy resources. As new technology emerges, energy companies are harnessing solar power to make the most of the most popular renewable sources. Environ Solar is an Coimbatore-based solar company that offers turnkey solutions to power companies. We are at the forefront of the solar industry in India, offering cutting-edge solar energy solutions for residential, commercial,
We also assist and educate people about the use and power of solar energy. As a leading solar installer in Coimbatore, we use cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure that our clients get the most out of our products. In Coimbatore and throughout India, we design, supply, and install solar power systems.

Best solar power dealer in coimbatore​

We are an Energy Solution Provider with over three decades of experience in the majority of power generation verticals.

solar system dealers in coimbatore

Future energy generation is our goal. We set global standards in attaining this objective because Environ solar power plant companies in Coimbatore is still the most reliable source of electricity for the foreseeable future. We design, develop, plan, install, commission, and manage home, commercial, utility-scale, and industrial photovoltaic (solar) power plants as a photovoltaic system integrator. The building and delivery of solar power plants that are “on-time and on-budget” and are tuned to produce greater output are of particular importance to Environ Solar.

Our Top Brands

Solar Water Heater in Coimbatore

One of the solar power plant companies in Coimbatore is Environ Solar, which has a wealth of knowledge managing solar power systems. Environ Solar offers you our services in installation, supervision, control, and optimization.
We give you superior solutions that are also very effective and convenient. The top solar power plant dealer meets all of your needs with customized end-to-end solutions for the installation of solar PV plants.





Off Grid Solar Solution


Top Solar Panel Manufacturers In Coimbatore

We introduce cutting edge technology in our solar equipment projects to ensure highest level of client satisfication. We bring forth designs and layout and consultancy to, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts, Turnkey projects, Total project management, Installation and commissioning contracts, third party inspection, Operation and Maintenance contracts.


we consume less unit from utility grid.So our electricity bill reduces.


Solar Panel don’t require any fossil fuel to generate electricity so there is no carbon emission or air pollution..


Contribute by installing solar for creating better and pollution free environment for future generations.


Electricity rates is going to increase exponentially as year passes. There is about 4% increase in rate of electricity unit annually.

Why choose Environ Solar

We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly


Primium Solar Plant

Execelent Customer Service

Targetes Solution

Lifetime O & M Service

Meeting Deadline


With our knowledge and abilities, we have installed solar power plants in important industries. Environ Solar developed an innovative solar power plant solution for stand-alone, hybrid, and grid-connected systems.


Our extensive network guarantees prompt execution from conception to implementation. With experience in resource planning, management, and organization, we have built a solid reputation as a trusted solar energy partner.


Our solar products are the result of exceptional technological know-how and are accredited by the solar industry’s highest quality standards, with a focus on safety.

Environ Solar In The Sportlight

Solar Water Heating

Environ Solar has designed and implemented a state-of-the-art, automated Solar Water Heating system using ETCs, capable of generating over 50,000 LPD

Solar Power Plant

Environ Solar has installed its patented Solar Air Heater of 270 sq.m providing hot air in the temp of 70 - 80 C for an Auto Sprayer in a leading leather manufacturing unit.

Off Grid Solar Solutions

Environ Solar has installed a 500 KW state-of-the-art Solar Power plant at Hatsun Agro's Sentosa plant to reduce its electricity consumption significantly

Solar Dryer

Environ Solar has successfully installed its Solar Dryer based on its patented Solar Air Heating technology for drying of 250 KG fish daily at Chavakkad, Kerala, India

Typically , a 1 kW solar rooftop system requires about 10 square meter (100 square feet ) shadow free area. It is a must have requirement for better efficiency of solar rooftop system . Thoughful arragement of solar panels is required if the area is not shadow free.

IRR for your solar investment ranges between 12-20% depending on your location and connection type and payback period is usually 4-6 years after that for next 20 years get free electricity from your solar system.

It is a system that allows customers to only pay for the elecrticity which is used beyond what solar panels generate from solar rooftop

he lead-acid battery consists of (in the charged state) electrodes of lead metal (Pb) and lead oxide (PbO2) in an electrolyte of about 37% sulfuric acid (H2SO4). In the discharged state both electrodes turn into lead sulfate (PbSO4) and the electrolyte loses its dissolved sulfuric acid and becomes primarily water.

Today, there are three distinct types of lead acid batteries manufactured and any one type can be designed and built for either starting or deep cycle applications. These types are flooded acid, gelled acid, and Advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat

Lead-acid does not lend itself to fast charging. Typical charge time is 8 to 16 hours. A periodic fully saturated charge is essential to prevent sulfation and the battery must always be stored in a charged state. Leaving the battery in a discharged condition causes sulfation and a recharge may not be possible.

To obtain maximum battery service life and capacity, along with acceptable recharge time and economy, constant voltage-current limited charging is best. To charge a sealed lead acid battery, a DC voltage between 2.30 volts per cell (float) and 2.45 volts per cell (fast) is applied to the terminals of the battery

The system operates on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal etc.

The solar pump itself should last between 10-20 years depending on use case and specific pump. Some customer are running the pump 24/7, 7 days a week which will shorten the observed lifetime of the system.

How far or how high can I pump water using solar power? With low voltage diaphragm pumps the flow rate and pressure are typically limited to around 20 litres per minute (lpm) or a maximum head of around 150m.

A 1 HP submersible well pump will require a 2.5 KW internally regulated generator to operate the pump. A 30 amp breaker means the pump is smaller than 2 hp will use ~13 amps/2300 watts during operation and will require a 4 KW internally regulated generator to operate the pump.

On average, if you install a solar water heater, your water heating bills should drop 50%–80%. Also, because the sun is free, you’re protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes. If you’re building a new home or refinancing, the economics are even more attractive

20 years
The average life expectancy of certified solar water heating systems is 20 years, much longer than standard gas or electric storage water heaters.

EPC, which stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction, refers to the company that does turnkey work for a solar power plant implementation – from design, to procurement of components to power plant construction. Some EPCs also take up maintenance work during the duration of the solar power plant.

EPC costs for PV projects range from about $1.38/W to $1.97/W depending on the size and location of the project.



Our solar experts will meet with you to assess the feasible options for installing a solar power plant at your premises. We will also provide expert advisory on the best solutions for you based on the technicalities of your site and the policy in your region


Our engineers will design the most suitable configuration of solar power system for your requirement. We utilise available space to generate maximum energy, while keeping the aesthetics in check


We provide you a detailed techno-commercial proposal for your solar power system. The projected financial savings, operational and environmental impacts are highlighted to ease your decision making process


We complete the entire installation of your solar power system right down to the final civil works - including, elevated structures wherever needed. Our installation team is timely, efficient, and their workmanship is of gold standard.


By managing our relationship well with governmental organisations (DISCOMS, for instance), we process any legal paperwork that may be required for your solar energy system. We do this on your behalf to ensure that your experience of going solar is smooth, simple, and quick


Our relationship with you does not end at installation and/or commissioning. We provide post-installation support which ensures that your solar power system is operating efficiently and without issues


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